Zodiac Sun Signs

Have you ever wondered about the origin of the Zodiac sign?


What is a zodiac sign?

The zodiac signs or sun signs form a circle that surrounds the sun. As the earth moves around the sun in an orbit it passes through twelve star constellations, or signs, at different times of the year. Each constellation is named after a likeness of its formation.

A Brief History of Astrology

Around the end of the fifth century, Babylonian Astronomers divided the star system into twelve equal signs of thirty days each. Prior to this, there had been thirteen signs based on the moon’s twenty-eight-day cycle. Originally the signs were coordinated following the seasons.

How did the zodiac signs get their names?

The sun and zodiac signs were named in relation to the star constellations that were seen in the sky at that time and the animal they most resembled. The stories related to the associated constellations and how each one came into being highlighted that zodiac’s personality traits, strengths and the challenges they would need to overcome by finding a balance between the heavens/ stars and the earth. The human condition was said to be the link between above and below, as above so below, with us humans the meeting point of experience.

Personal, Zodiac, Star or Sun Signs?

Our Zodiac Star or Sun Sign is determined by the planets and their positioning when we take our first breath. Your zodiac sign is based on the position of the sun at the time of your birth hence both the name of the sun sign and zodiac sign is fully transferable with the same meaning. Each sign has corresponding traits and crystals that are aligned with and support that specific star sign.

The order of the sun signs is Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

The difference between Western and Eastern Zodiac

The Western zodiac is centered around your month of birth and the Chinese zodiac is focused around the year you were born. Both systems contain twelve signs, animals, associated elements and a base in folklore.

Why Crystals can support you

to enhance your zodiac abilities

Each crystal is known for its own properties. Each Sun Sign or Zodiac has specific personality traits, its own strengths, and weaknesses. Crystals have their own energies, vibrations and resonate with different emotions and have been known to promote certain qualities in their owners. By tuning in and being aware of your zodiac and its traits, we can unite a combination of crystals to enhance your strengths and talents and develop innate gifts, to initiate the energy of centered balance.

Unite the energies of the universe and earth for balance

By creating a crystal pouch to support your zodiac sign we harness the energy of the stars spread across our universe with the deep healing energies of the earth. In doing so we use the heightened vibrations of above as they specifically relate to you, with the grounding energies of the crystals from the earth. Those combined energies of the pouch expand to you, the holder or carrier, inviting balance. By creating balance in our lives we unite the energies that can best support us to move forward in harmony on our present path and journey through life.



20200319_16244421st March – 20th April.

Aries are known for their physical strength, ambition and leadership qualities.

The Aries crystal pouch contains:

Amethyst – promotes psychic development.

Green Aventurine – stimulates heart and healing.

Carnelian – increases our physical energy and creativity.

Citrine – supports the determination to see projects through to fruition.

Jasper – grounds us into the earth and our center so we feel happier in our skin.



20200321_122246April 21st – May 21st.

Taureans are known to be loyal, generous and patient.

The Taurean pouch contains:

Red Jasper – nurtures.

Agate – gently deep cleans.

Kyanite – balances our masculine and feminine.

Rose Quartz – shows us the immense love that is available from within.

Tiger Eye – protects during travel and provides strength to overcome fatigue.

Selenite – clears unwanted patterns that we may have inherited from our ancestors and/or in on our own.



20200320_101943May 22nd – June 21st

Gemini are known to be vibrant, imaginative and intellectual.

The Gemini crystal pouch contains:

Amethyst – promotes psychic development.

Pyrite – increases stamina, invites manifesting and grounding.

Smoky Quartz – support you towards your goals.

Tiger Eye – protects during travel and provides strength to overcome fatigue.

Citrine – offers determination to see projects through to fruition.



20200323_111144June 22nd – July 22nd.

Cancerians are known to be very loyal, caring, soft and responsible.

The Cancerian pouch contains:

Carnelian – increases our physical energy and creativity.

Calcite – gently cleanses. All types of calcite are soft stone and should not be cleaned with water.

Rose Quartz – shows us the immense love that is available from within.

Citrine – offers determination to see projects through to fruition.

Jet – cleanses by transmuting and protecting unwanted energies.



20200324_105545July 23rd – August 21st.

Leos are known to be honest, affectionate and faithful.

The Leo pouch contains:

Rose Quartz – shows us the immense love that is available from within.

Onyx   – deeply grounds us into the Earth allowing us to work with our combined magic.

Clear Quartz – heals and clears the way, whilst also protecting us.

Tiger Eye – protects during travel and provides strength to overcome fatigue.

Carnelian – increases our physical energy and creativity.



20200325_121439August 22nd – September 23rd.

Virgo are known to be practical, helpful and sensible. This pouch contains:

Onyx – provides inner strength and clear focused attention to tasks.

Lolite – encourages us to see with our third eye.

Angelite – helps with clear, concise angelic communication and its energy is associated with the third-eye.

Amazonite – supports us to communicate the truth, connected with our hearts.

Blue Calcite – entices you to embrace the strength you have within.



20200327_130618September 24th – October 23rd.

Librans are known to be diplomatic, fair and idealistic.

The Libran pouch contains :

Black Tourmaline – clears, absorbs and protects our heart.

Iolite – heals old wounds. By resolving the old it will help to stimulate the third-eye opening up to visions.

Kyanite – will help open to psychic abilities including telepathy.

Blue Quartz – offers peace and calm and will help organise one’s environment.

Sunstone – happily uplifts our energy.



20200327_13015424th October – 22nd November.

Scorpio people are known to be powerful, bold and courageous.

Amethyst – promotes psychic development.

Picture Jasper – invites a connection with Mother Earth.

Herkimer Diamond – stimulates psychic abilities.

Rose Quartz – shows us the immense love that is available from within.

Black Tourmaline – protects us on all levels.



20200327_13104523rd November – 22nd December

Sagittarians are known to be optimistic, honest and open-minded.

Smoky Quartz – grounds us and blocks negative energy.

Sodalite – helps us access the subconscious to resolve and transmute blocks.

Orange Calcite – stimulates the body.

Amethyst -.promotes psychic development.

Chalcedony – nurtures the mind, body, emotions, and spirit in harmony.



20200327_131431December 23rd – 20th January.

Capricorns – are known to be responsible, loyal and resourceful.

Agate – grounds,  balancing the layers of being.

Smoky Quartz – brings dreams into reality. Blocks EMF’S (electromagnetic energy).

Tiger Eye – protects during travel and provides strength to overcome fatigue.

Fluorite – assists comprehension and recall during study.

Ocean Jasper – calms the thoughts.



20200327_13184321st January – 29th February

Aquarians are known to be tolerant, friendly and individualistic.

Amethyst – promotes psychic development.

Sodalite – stimulates the third eye, increasing intuition, and psychic abilities.

Black Obsidian – protects and stimulates creativity.

Pietersite – activates the mind and imagination, stimulates psychic vision and enhances telepathy.



20200327_132156February 20th –  March 20th

Pisceans are known for their compassion and kindness, they are often empaths.

The Pisces crystal pouch contains:

Amethyst – promotes psychic development.

Green fluorite – detoxifies and revitalizes your energy centers.

Clear Quartz – shows the way by absorbing, storing, releasing, regulating and protecting.

Jade – restores harmony and happiness in business and family matters.

Blue Lace Agate – invites new beginnings.


I have carefully hand-selected each unique crystal for these pouches to promote a synergy of energy to specifically support the elements of your sun/ zodiac. My hope is that these pouches can be called on in times of need for extra sustenance and also accompany their owners every day for a more harmonious and happy ride through the ups and downs of life.

I am happy to assist you to gift yourself or someone special in your life who you would like to recognise and uplift.

Enjoy the ride



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