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Do you ever feel that crystals smile at you?

You may feel drawn to a certain crystal, pulled in, attracted to, and that warm fuzzy feeling that radiates through your whole body as if a crystal is smiling at you. When a crystal chooses you, it has waited for the right time to align with you and it’s when two energies unite to form a synergy of positive healing, learning, and expansion.

How to connect with crystals

Amethyst Elestials are resonating and calling in their human partners to connect with on a large scale at the moment. We help the collective by working on ourselves for the greater good. By working on ourselves and connecting with the crystals that call to us we create a ripple effect of good vibrations in a loving and heartfelt way that radiates from us to those around us and from them to those around them and so forth.

Collective contributions for the greater good

You can do this too because we all contribute to the collective and global community at large. One drop, one person can start the ripple that connects us all. The truth is so liberating, making us feel more peaceful and happy in our daily life. Amethyst is a loving supportive heart stone, ready willing and able to help in all situations which establishes it as an ideal companion for collective work, to raise the vibration and spread the heart love to us all.

Amethyst Elestials & Skeletals

Amethyst Elestials are fairly common in the Elestial world. Elestials trap things inside like acids and whilst they are growing these acids eat away at the crystal producing a skeletal look or formation that is completely different from other types of quartz. That is why sometimes they are called Skeletals.

How to move forward from a rut or if you feel stuck

Amethyst Elestials go deep to get to the root of any situation and support us to do this. We really do not wish the same issue to sit on the repeat button as it becomes more difficult to deal with. No one enjoys being stuck in a rut or experiencing groundhog day. Elestials allow us to move forward by addressing what’s holding us back, transmuting any negative energy causing dis-ease, and inviting the freedom of release to move forward with a cleared path for new positive opportunities to flow in.

Accessing information from the higher realms in crystals

Elestials can hold vital information regarding relationships, opening up to information from the Higher Realms, where valuable information is found, and the truth. As we all let go, trust, and open up we will all grow to our full potential. If you feel as though you are going over and over the same situation and would like help from above, reach for an Amethyst Elestial as they provide direct access to the Higher Realms.

Each person who looks inside a crystal will find something different. Crystals reveal and show us what is right for us at a certain moment in the reflection of who we are and our vibrations. As we evolve, we can unlock different insights and features that were previously unobtainable. The more we all work on ourselves the easier life will become and the quicker we will move through our situations and the truth will be shown.

Amethyst Elestials united with Smoky Quartz

Remember it’s extremely important to stay grounded. Sometimes when doing energetic work we can tend to stay in the higher realms and can become ungrounded feeling dizzy, light-headed and a bit discombobulated. By working with a piece of smoky quartz whilst embarking on a crystal connection, this will ensure you feel comfortable in your own skin with your day to day activities. Smoky Quartz will block geopathic stress (if you feel you are living in the wrong location or situation and there is nothing you can do about it for the present) and absorb EMF’S (electromagnetic frequency emitted from things like our electronic devices). Try holding a piece to relieve tension, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, or to ward off negative thinking. It can help to bring dreams and ideas into reality.

Is a crystal smiling back and connecting with you? You have a story to uncover with them and work to do together. Come and have a wander through the showroom and connect with the crystal that smiles at you, or contact me and I can connect you with your Amethyst Elestial today.

Enjoy the ride.

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