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Transmute & Transform Negative Energy

Do you feel drained, lethargic, foggy brained, unmotivated?

Do you have a general feeling of dis-ease?

Negative energy, dense energy or energy not of the highest light can effect our own energy. You may feel drained as if your energy has been leeched from you, it may become a struggle to think clearly and take action. You may become aware of these feelings of dis-ease after a traumatic event, being near a toxic environment, around or connected by the phone or a video call with toxic people. It could also be caused from the electronic devices that surround us and the frequencies that they emit. It might be that you just don’t feel right, you feel stuck, or perhaps during an energetic or intuitive check in you feel that your energy is not in flow and your regular harmony feels blocked. Some people say they feel sluggish, and experience headaches, nausea, anxiety and depression when they feel out of alignment and influenced by negative energy and people.

Every living thing is composed of energy and radiates it’s own energy field or aura. Studies with plants have confirmed the absorption of positive and negative energy from our environments including that words and thoughts directed at plants can influence the plant’s growth and survival. We are effected by what we come into contact with including our environments at home, work, life and the people and devices that exist there.

How do I identify negative energy?

How are you feeling?

How are you feeling emotionally? Are you happy? Are you content?

Anger, frustration, agitation or feeling aloof can be signals that your energy is out of alignment and there is an unbalance from negative influence. Taking the time to stop, breathe and check in with how we are feeling and letting ourselves be truly honest with how we are feeling is the start of acknowledging where we are. It gives us a starting point to grow from. It’s a first step. If you find it hard to identify how you are feeling, sometimes drawing your mood or writing in a journal how you are feeling can help.

How are you thinking?

What’s going on inside your head? Has your self critic risen above being constructive? Is there negative talk about yourself or your actions, does it feel weighted and foggy? Does everything seem insurmountable, an effort, unobtainable? Are you thinking, I can’t more than I can? Do you feel discombobulated and overwhelmed?

How are you speaking?

When we can’t adjust our inner thoughts they grow and manifest into our words and we might catch ourselves with what we say aloud. Are you putting yourself or someone else down? Are your conversations void of positive vibes and clouded by a negative perspective?

How are you acting?


Stop and check in on your breath. Are you short of breath and breathing in the top of your chest? If you aren’t breathing deeply and filling your lungs fully, your breath becomes short, anxious and shallow, you aren’t detoxing with your exhale. So breathe deep, fill your lungs completely and then exhale and let go of what you no longer need.


Stop and check in on your posture. How are you standing? Are your shoulders slumped? Is your spine erect or have you lost your strength? Is your head held high engaged in the present and looking where you need to go?


Let’s walk. Have you still got the bounce in your step when you love life or are you pushing yourself forward through a stumble? Negative or denser energy can weigh us down, do you feel like you are dragging a ball and chain?

Big Picture Tactics: Focus on the Journey

After every question, ask, what can I do differently? What do I need to change? How can I make that change happen? What is the first step I need to do to make that change happen and initiate the momentum flowing? Keep the big picture in mind of the outcome you desire, the destination you want. To avoid overwhelm focus on one step at a time and the journey in the moment. So what is the one thing you can do right now to make that change?

Creating Positive Good Vibes

There are a few things you can change and initiate yourself immediately at home.

  1. Make a health appointment with your GP and/or Nutritionist/ Naturopath to support you and get you back on track.
  2. Breathe deep and try some meditation and/ or yoga. Taking time out for you is essential, even if it is to nap and get the sleep you need.
  3. Check your diet. Fresh food and a balanced diet increases our physical immune system and supports our overall holistic well-being.
  4. Give thanks and notice the good things no matter how small. Where intention focuses, energy flows, so focus on the good and let it grow.
  5. De-clutter and spring clean your environments at home and in the office. A clear environment assists clear thinking and aids in avoiding the feelings of overwhelm. Good Feng Shui promotes good energy.
  6. Know that this too shall pass. Nothing ever stays the same.
  7. Positive affirmations strengthen and give focus of mind, speech and energy when we create them for ourselves. You can turn those negative thoughts around into a positive affirmation. Say it out aloud, think it on repeat or as you need.
  8. Boundaries when we aren’t feeling 100% can become blurred. Identify and guard your personal boundaries. Look at your boundaries holistically eg time, people, deadlines, conversations. Get clear on your boundaries, set them and stick to them. Your well being is important and you are worthy, so guard it well. It’s OK to say, “No.”
  9. It’s also OK to say yes when you need to. Say yes to receiving help when you need it, ask for it. Say yes when you know you need to challenge your current experience to expand your reality to keep you moving forward.
  10. Create the balance that’s right for you. It’s about knowing and being in tune with who you are which will help you to identify toxic or negative energy when it comes along.
  11. Check your electronic devices that emit EMFs Electro Magnetic Frequencies. These devices surround us and are in use in our daily lives, our phones, wifi, computers, screens etc Take time out for you to go into nature and de-frag your mind and energy. Get away from it all to give back to you.

How to transmute negative energy

Violet Flame

To transmute negative energy we want to change the negative energy to positive energy so that it exists freely as a non toxic form. You can use a visual violet coloured flame directed from your hands energetically or visually encompassing a dense energy, block of energy flow (perhaps somewhere you are aching). Many practitioners and light workers will visually surround themselves in a violet flame and affirm that it surrounds them throughout the day to transmute any negative energy from environments and people that they come into contact with. Surrounding yourself in a column of white light or within a double star (star vortex) can also be visualized or a bubble of light.

In addition to visualization there are simple things you can do like smudging your environment and your own aura to assist dispel negative energy. Plants support the energy flow and Feng Shui of environments and physically rid rooms of toxins. Sound, particularly from Tibetan and crystal bowls assists to raise and transmute negative energy. Music can uplift the vibes and feelings within a room and it’s occupants. Having an Epson salts bath or diving under the white wash at the beach can assist to clear your aura. Taking time out to give yourself a crystal healing session may help shift what you are ready to release.

How to Transform negative energy

Amethyst Clusters

Amethyst clusters are master transmuters of energy. Often used by crystal healers to cleanse and clear other crystals by placing them on the amethyst cluster they are a foundation crystal. Ideal for maintaining the energies of a room or space, amethyst clusters not only transmute negative and dense energy they uplift, de-stress and offer spiritual connection for those who are ready. Associated with the third eye amethyst clusters heighten intuition, spirituality and clairvoyance ensuring that individuals are more aware of their own thoughts, actions and reactions.

Crystals that absorb negative energy

Black Onyx

Black onyx is a gemstone that is ideal to carry with you at all times. A powerful protector against negative energies emitted from people it also absorbs negative energy from surrounding environments, whilst strengthening it’s owner’s own energetic, physical, mental and emotional immunity against attack or leeching from denser energies, environments and people. Wear Black onyx, carry it in a power pouch, pocket or your handbag, if you are feeling anxious or stressed, don’t leave home without it.


Obsidian is a protective shield gemstone against negativity. The energetic shield created absorbs and deflects negative frequencies and attack. If you feel that your work environment is toxic or your dealings with a person are particularly draining wear obsidian and keep a piece touching your skin. If you are experiencing mental stress and strain, obsidian can absorb tensions, this can be helpful by holding a piece on each temple.


Hematite absorbs and then dissolves negative energy by actively attracting it from the frequencies that surround it and dispelling them. As Hematite clears the energies around you, it strengthens you by creating a clear path, allowing you to align mind, body and soul. Hematite assists you to stay on your path by repelling the distractions sent your way from others, it will keep naysayers at bay.


Shungite rids your physical and energetic bodies of toxic negative energy. Your energetic bodies are balanced and the immunity increased to ward off the effects from EMF’s coming your way from the devices that surround you. If you feel you need to detox yourself physically, energetically and also your surrounding environments, Shungite is the gemstone to carry with you.

Crystals that absorb EMFS

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz absorbs fear, which is often cited as the based from which negative and dense energy manifests from. A high absorber of negative energy especially EMF’s and radiation of any sort, Smoky Quartz clears it’s environment with a subtle calm energy. An ideal crystal to ground a room where conflicts are common and there may be a high use of electronic devices or human traffic.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline absorbs and transforms dense negative energy into an energy of higher light. Black tourmaline is a repelling shield that reflects and rids negative energies from the space it’s frequency vibrates through. It’s strength of protection lies within the psychic and mental realms dispersing negative energy and dispelling it to it’s original owner. It lifts the energies from EMF devices easily and effortlessly.


Pyrite is a protective mineral that absorbs EMF’s whilst also protecting the owner on all levels from negative and denser energy that could cause dis- ease. Pyrite is best used when carried in a power pouch or placed on a surface, especially if it is near a computer. Great for office spaces as pyrite attracts positive abundance.

Crystals that protect your energy

Owning and utilizing crystals that transmute negative energy, transform dense energy and absorb EMF’s is one piece of the puzzle to dispel negative energy. The other piece is the preventative piece which includes the crystals that assist to maintain your energy, balance, positive mindset and energetic immunity. These crystals united with your crystals of transmutation, transformation and absorption form a synergy of energy to support you to sustain the good vibes in your own space, in your environments and in life.


Jade brings harmony and balance into your life through pure heart energy. It is a gemstone of abundance and holistic wealth. Jade is a powerful protective stone, long used during battle. In the past Jade was used to create weapons for warriors. Today that warrior essence resonates from Jade as an energetic and emotional protector, it desires all to be well.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz embraces pure love energy and nothing less than this can exist around it comfortably. Place a piece of Rose Quartz on your bedside table to ward off undesired dreams, or mental stress during sleep. Rose quartz invites only heart energy into it’s space and supports those near it to live a heart centered and connected life.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is the master crystal. The crystal of pure light that holds all colours and frequencies of light within it’s vibrations. Clear Quartz amplifies and attracts only that of the highest light and love energy all else is instantly transmuted. This gemstone of power is a master healer and amplifies the vibrational frequencies of all around it. If you have been feeling dense energies or blocks around you or within your environment, carry your clear quartz at all times and place a larger piece in any room you feel needs to be uplifted.

May the force be with you

Take time out to do a quick check in on yourself, ask the questions, be aware and notice how you feel in different environments. Make the changes you need one step at a time. By placing a larger crystal in a room that it shared by others it doesn’t just uplift yourself it provides for all those around you sharing the space. This is a great thing to do, however, as in any emergency you need to attend to yourself first. Create clear boundaries, look after you, place the crystals you need near your devices, in your rooms and wear the crystals to protect yourself and your energies. You are worth it.

If you haven’t been feeling like you, isn’t time to get you back? Get the support you need and get on track towards the big picture by taking one step at a time.

Come and drop in and browse the showcase of crystal jewellery, gemstones, fossils and unique designer pieces for collectors. Crystal power pouches are ready for your use and combine the best crystal combinations in one convenient pouch that you can carry with you or place where you need. Let your crystals call to you or I can assist you over the phone, online, through Facebook or Instagram to connect you with the best crystal support that you, or if you are sharing your love and gifting someone else are now ready for.

I look forward to connecting you with your crystals calling for you on your journey.

Enjoy the ride.

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