Ocean Energy Crystals – Byron Bay Beaches

Byron Bay Energy

Byron Bay is blessed with a diverse environments including mountains, rain forests, rivers and pristine beaches. The good vibe energies of Byron Bay have attracted visitors for centuries. A historical meeting place, it continues to welcome visitors, many who head to the beaches to enjoy being on the most Easterly beaches in Australia. Early birds welcome the sun rays as the sun rises from the ocean and enjoy the sunsets and all the colours they offer. Located within an energy vortex, the area attracts crystal healers and seekers of enlightenment. You may choose to take time out for you and enjoy your own crystal healing.

Ocean Healing Energy

The clear vibes and good energies of the beaches are not the only things we are blessed enough to enjoy in Byron Bay, the ocean waters heal the soul. Clear your aura and energetic bodies on all levels by diving through the white wash of a wave. Immerse yourself in the salty waters and feel a new found rejuvenated, refreshed and clear you.

Byron Bay Whales & Dolphin Energy

Sitting on one of Byron Bay’s beaches or at the light house as the whales pass by or the dolphins frolic in the waves is a huge heart expansion at anytime. Having this joy appear before you when meditating with a crystal enhances the experience and infuses the elevated joyful energy into the crystal. Sit quietly and call for your ocean guides to come forth.

Byron Bay Light House

The Byron Bay light house offers views of the crescent moon bay to the north and beaches to the south. A clear vantage point for whale watching, you are likely to spot the resident dolphin pod, turtles, dugongs, eagles and mantle rays. You are also able to enjoy expansive ocean views including towards Julian Rocks, which is home to a seal colony.

Challenge yourself to make it to the light house before first light and watch the sun rise from the most Easterly Point in Australia. Take your crystals with you and charge them in the first rays of light or enjoy the experience on a full or new moon.

Ocean Energy Crystals

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz amplifies the positive energies that surround it including other crystals and environments. Take a piece of clear quartz to the beach with you and enjoy the energies of the ocean long after you return home. Meditating with a clear quartz on the beach uplifts, clears your communication channels to allow you to receive the maximum healing and wisdom that you are now ready for.


Agates can be found washed ashore on some beaches, they can embody a broad spectrum of colours. An absorber and transmuter of negative or dense energy Agate can clear and uplift your environment and aura. Release frustrations and tensions into a piece of agate and they will be transformed into positive energy that you can gift back to the ocean.


If you are feeling highly static energy surrounding you or your mind is buzzing hold a piece of Amazonite to calm and disperse chaotic energies. Welcome peace in an overly busy space and ground your energy into the earth. Amazonite heals our energies by balancing the yin and yang and radiating peace. It represents the calm ocean and relaxing natural rhythms that surround us.

Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper is sometimes known as chalcedony , it is a gemstone of the heart and combines all aspects of you into a centered heart radiant being. Ocean Jasper calms and unites your physical, mental and emotional bodies. Invite tranquility and uplift your spirits with joy by wearing or carrying a piece with you at all times. Connect and call in your Atlantian connections by meditating with a piece of Ocean Jasper in each hand.

Ocean Kyanite

Ocean Kynite holds the blues of the ocean within it’s tones. It is an Australian gemstone which can assist you to connect with your oceanic guides, especially the whales and dolphins. It’s gentle energies can connect you with your untapped clairvoyance and higher intuition. Ocean Kynite supports you to be the calm when the storms and tides move around you.


Aquamarine reflects the colours of the waters of the sea within it’s forms. Connect and trust your intuition and let go of what is holding you back or thwarting your progress forward. Ideal for those who enjoy the ocean and want protection, Aquamarine was used in the past by sailors to ward off the enticing spells of the merpeople. Call forth your courage and carry an affinity with the ocean when you wear Aquamarine.


Balance your energies and invite positive good vibes in with Flurorite. Connect your heart and your mind with clear communication and confidence. Destress and allow Fluorite to absorb negative stagnant energy from your aura and environment.

Beaches in Byron Bay

Byron Bay is graced with what can arguably be the best beaches in the world. Clean sands, numerous surfing breaks and beaches where you can walk for miles combined with diverse estuaries, tea tree lakes and views to the mountains and Mt Warning that seems to watch over all.

From Main Beach in Byron Bay you can sit on the grass or the sand enjoy buskers, bands, fire twirlers and drummers. Choose to head north up Belongil Beach past the old wreck and jetty remnants and towards the Industrial Estate where you can visit Heart of the Bay and our Byron infused crystals.

Choose to head towards the light house and you’ll walk along Clarke’s Beach and to The Pass where the waves break and run alongside the beach. This is a favourite place for beginner surfers and families. Over the headland, you will be greeted on the other side with Wategos Beach, home to the long board riders. If you are lucky you may find the tiny inlet that is Little Wategoes beach which is a secluded, secret enjoyed by locals.

Past the light house and heading south along the coastline new surfers can enjoy Cosy Corner as the beach rolls on through Tallows Beach and Suffolk Park towards Broken Head.

Dog Beaches in Byron Bay

Those of us who are blessed with fur babies will want to share the good vibes of Byron Bay with our pawed pals. There are a number of beaches in the Byron Bay and surrounding regions where we can walk our dogs, some of them on and some of them off lead. The current map displays the entrances and locations of the dog friendly beaches within the Byron Shire, including South Golden Beach, New Brighton Beach, Brunswick Heads, Belongil, Suffolk Park/Tallow Beach.

The Farm Byron Bay

The Farm is open from 7am until 4pm, you can wander with your dog on a lead around the expansive farm in a fenced walkway between the animals and paddocks of growing flowers and produce. Enjoy a cup of coffee, a pastry or settle in for lunch. A greet meeting place for friends. Browse the gifts and enjoy the magical scent of the Sampson and Bronc candles and beautiful, freshly picked bouquets of flowers grown by Jess, in the Poppy and Fern florist.

Byron Bay Crystals – Heart of the Bay

Out of the hustle and bustle of the Byron Bay township on a short walk along Belongil beach or a two minute drive in The Byron Bay Industrial Estate, you can find Heart of the Bay. Holding a scared vortex of healing energy showcased throughout the warehouse of crystals, gemstones, fossils, jewellery, runes, tarot cards, gifts and collector pieces, Heart of the Bay welcomes locals and visitors. There is no entry free and ample room to ensure CoVid safe browsing. Come by and enjoy the crystal energy infused with the energies of Byron Bay. Let your crystals call to you and takes some good vibes home with you or show you care by sharing some of those good vibes with a a friend as a gift.

If you are unable to drop in browse online, via our Facebook shop and follow us on Instagram. I’m happy to connect you with your crystals via phone as well and can post your Byron Bay infused crystals to you.

Connect with your crystals and enjoy the ride.

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