River Crystals

Byron Bay is located in the Northern Rivers region and is blessed with an abundance of rivers. From the mountains, through the rain forests, wetland and to the ocean our rivers have a vibrant energy. You can bring this energy into your life with river crystals. River crystals support us through transitions, to remain in a calm and heighten flow of energy throughout our day. Go with the flow of river mana by taking time out to clear, connect and program your crystals and gemstones with the wisdom of the river.

River Gemstones & Crystal Energy

Water is a master element and the flowing waters of the river encourage us to follow the current of life and go with the flow. River energy invites us to move from the old and what is holding us back and move forward into new beginnings. River energy is especially calming and comforting for those who have higher energetic nervous systems. River crystals cleanse and nurture us whilst keeping us aligned with nature, they are deeply supportive for those going through transitions.

River & Sunlight Crystal Cleanse

Carry your water loving crystals to a river and find or create a dam rockery to lay them in whilst allowing the waters to wash over them. Set your intention and when they feel ready, place your crystals in the sun and allow them to charge. If you wish to program your crystals, now is a great time to sit and meditate with them aligning them with your programmed intention for their use.

Shiva Lingam River Stone

In the past Lingams were gathered once a year from the Namada River in India, at one of their seven holy sights, these naturally occurring stones are considered scared. Often used by meditation practitioners to remain grounded during transcendental meditation, a Lingam stone is held in each hand to balance male and female energies within the body. Their energy is attuned to our solar plexus, sacral and base chakras and is believed to be formed from a meteorite that crashed into the river. Lingams combine the gemstones of agate, jasper and basalt. recognised as stones of power they are sighted on altars and used by facilitators to hold space, unite and ground a group of people whilst they are connected and sharing collaborative energy during meditation. Unfortunately, today many stones sold as natural Lingams are manufactured and shaped in factories. The naturally occurring ones can no longer be safely collected due to the pollution within the river.

Crystal Eggs

A clean energetic alternative, particularly beneficial for balancing energy during meditation, is the use of crystal eggs. The oval egg shape celebrating birth, rebirth, joy and new beginnings combined with the energy properties of agate, jasper and basalt can be experienced cleanly through egg shaped gemstones. Try choosing an egg shaped crystal for each hand based on your own energetic needs to balance your yin and yang energies. Many find this a more precise balanced healing that can be more individually tailored to support your daily needs.

River Agate

Agate was first discovered in Sicily, in the river Achates, where Agate gets it’s name from. There are multiple types of agate. Most agates have banded lines and sections that form distinctive marks on the gemstone. Balance and harmonise your energy with river agate. Unite mind, body and spirit easily and effortlessly with a serene calm, contented and centered energy. Strengthen your resolve and alleviate anxiety by carrying agate with you, and holding it between your thumb and fingers as needed. Generate positive energy and dreams with agate. To calm a nervous energy a complete crystal healing with an agate layout can be beneficial especially as it dispels negative energy.


Jasper comes in a range of formations and colours which makes it ideal to own a complete layout for crystal healing sessions on your self or others. Jasper is said to hold the ancient earth wisdom gathered by the earth goddess and is connected with the element water and master of the wind and rain. Welcome Gaia into your world and the guides of the forests and rivers with river jasper, they will encourage you to go with the flow and follow mana, whilst inviting it into your life.

Petrified Wood

Petrified wood is the fossilization of terrestrial vegetation through the process of mineralization when wood is buried beneath water and soil. The process takes millions of years. Highly valued as a stone of transformation, and setting the pace of transition at your own pace. Rise above fight or flight reactions into a new conscious awareness and way of being with a piece of petrified wood. Petrified wood can be found in rivers and on beaches, as it is washed out to the ocean and deposited back onto land with the tides.

Peanut Wood

Peanut wood is petrified driftwood. It combines the energies of the river with the energies of the ocean. If you want to find peace with your past a piece of peanut wood is the mineral gemstone that may support your process. The white oval shaped, peanut sized pigments on show within the dark coloured rock is where the stones name originates.

Find crystals & gemstones in rivers

Secondary deposits of gemstones are often located in rivers after being transported from their place of formation, they can travel hundreds of kilometres. When the river current lessens deposits and groups of stones can be found, usually close together, look where in rock pools and where rockeries and dams occur. Walking through dry river beds can prove ideal for locating deposits of gemstones. Prospecting in running rivers to sift through dirt and rock can also be beneficial.

Byron Bay River & Waterfalls

Walk to your crystals through one of the hikes and natural trails in the Byron Bay hinterlands, some of the best known waterfalls in the area are Killen Falls, Minion Falls and Protestors Falls, Natural Bridge Falls. Killen falls are the closest to Byron Bay being only a thirty minute drive.

Even if your searching in rivers for gemstones leaves you empty handed your heart will be full of river energy and the national parks which surround them. On your drive back into the Byron Bay, drop into Heart of the Bay and enjoy the energies of the crystals showcased in the large warehouse, located at 4/19 Tasman Way, Byron Bay Industrial Estate or browse from the comfort of your home on Facebook, Instagram and our online shop.

Connect with your crystals & enjoy the ride.

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