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Create your Crystal Altar

Take your meditation practice to the next level with a mindful altar. Invite conscious creation, amplified focus and ritual in a way that is unique to you. Initiate your own healing and meditation practice by creating the space that serves you for the greater good of all.

A crystal altar is a space where you can place selected crystals, candles, and symbolic pieces to create a focal point for your meditation practice. Your tools that you use to enhance your practice can also be kept on your altar. By creating a physical altar that you can visually see, acts as a reminder and invites the use of ritual, which can begin as soon as you approach the sacred space that you create. In creating your space you can initiate your mindful meditation process, you can also adjust the energies to suit your needs and focus as they change and evolve with you.

Your altar may contain pieces you use during meditation for example eggs, or spheres that you hold in your hands during meditation to balance your energy which you remove from the altar at the beginning of your practice and return at the conclusion. This cycle also helps to establish a ritual and awareness of practice that many find can increase the energetic frequency of the session.

Keeping two eggs or spheres on your altar can assist to create ritual, whilst balancing your energetic bodies. Their removal from the altar at the beginning and replacement at the end of your session can create the symbol of the natural cycle of life, death and rebirth during ceremony. Holding a lava ball in one hand and a selenite sphere in your other hand can assist you to balance your energy bodies during meditation. The lava ball assists you to ground and connect to the earth’s heart center and align through your heart center and higher consciousness to the universal heart center. The combined effect of the two spheres can assist you to raise your own energy vibrations through balance, it can also assist with protection and the transmutation of unwanted, negative energies.

You may also have a bell or sound bowl that you remove from your altar to balance and attune the space of your meditation zone. A smudge selenite wand, crystal wand or smudge stick for space and auric cleansing can also be used at both the open and close of sacred space as can music or chants.

Meditation Altar

Creating a meditation altar elevates your energetic practice and can incorporate further ritual and natural rhythms into your life. Similar to the benefits of having a designated space for work, an altar creates the space for you and your spiritual and energetic needs to be met. In a united space you can combine symbolism, affirmation, intention and focus to manifest your thoughts into reality.

Four elements & directions

The elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water and the directions can be incorporated into your altar.

Earth – crystal or plant

Air – incense or feather

Fire – candle

Water – shell or goblet of water

Depending on your spiritual beliefs and practice will depend on which element is united with which direction. The hemisphere you live in can also play a part in the associated elements and directions. Many practices include spirit as the fifth element. You need to choose what is right for you, in the moment at the place, time and location you mindfully dwell within.

Protective plants

Plants, particularly ferns have been used for protection and to ward off negative energy. The Maiden Hair fern, Fish Bone and Birds Nest ferns are commonly used to transmute negative energy into positive and clear the atmosphere of a room. Including a plant in your altar gives you the opportunity to share the good energy with the earth and the plant itself. Some healers have noted that plants interact and dance in reflection to the energies of the room.


Incorporating your guides, totems, a guiding affirmation, sacred geometric shape or statue of something meaningful to you on your altar can remind you of your focus and intention, which increases the flow of thought and energy. Knowing why you are taking the time to create your altar, and what you hope to achieve can help you to keep the momentum of energy flowing. Connecting with your guides and using symbolism, in the form of images, vision boards and statues can be effective tools to strengthen your resolve and maintain focus on the big picture. Use what feels right to you.

The use of Colour

Incorporating colour through the use of scarves, candles and crystals, you use can initiate colour healing. Be aware of the difference in energies within a colour and pay attention to the tones and their own unique vibrations. Being aware of your own auric and healing needs can help you create an altar that will support you best in that particular moment.

If you wish to incorporate the full spectrum of colours, Anandalite or Rainbow Quartz is a high vibrational gemstone that works on all chakras and each individual guide for that chakra. When you are full of super charged colour and need to ground, lava spheres are great for anchoring you gently back into reality.

Crystals for your Altar

When it comes to choosing your crystals for your altar the display need not be set in stone, you may feel the need to add, remove and move items depending on your own energy and true desire in the moment. Raise your energy by doing what feels right for you, including clearing the room and preparing the space, your way.

Creating your own written affirmation that identifies your intention assists you to manifest your reason for your practice into being. You may wish to write, illustrate and frame this as a part of your altar.

Using a gemstone candle holder unites the elements of earth and fire and can be powerful in manifesting your desires into reality. Black obsidian tealight holders have the added benefit of being strong protectors and transmuters ensuring all negative energies are dispersed.

Including a generator crystal, one that has a flat bottom and a point like Rose Quartz or Amazonite protects and creates a vortex of energy to flow into your altar and manifest your intentions.

Selenite spheres are rare to find and highly prized by advanced crystal healers and clairvoyants. Their powerful yet subtle energy calls forth only the highest light and love and opens your path towards your true purpose.

Incorporating your symbols and guides eg hearts Buddhas, angels with a gemstone can add another depth or focus to your altar by combining the symbol with the crystal properties.

Choosing your altar focus

Having at least one focal point or larger unique piece assists to attract energy towards an altar. Whether you choose a unique crystal or fossil specimen like Golden Mica, an obelisk, an amethyst cluster, large geode or a a pyramid is a choice of preference. A central piece may remain a focus piece and protector, it may also represent a soul connection you have or it may change with each new or full moon or soul cycle. Your heart and intuition are the best guides for selecting your focus pieces and they may change as your resolve evolves with your practice.

Crystals for defining your sacred space

Herkimer Diamonds initiate self growth and healing, align to new levels of clarity and expansion. A pouch of Herkimer Diamonds on your altar invites in wealth and abundance on all levels including heightened awareness. Call forth the opportunities that you are now ready for with open arms and calm confidence.

Crystals to heighten connection & raise your vibrations

Including a clear quartz and a calcite sphere on your altar connects you to your higher consciousness and self and that of your guides. Clarity of communication and opening to receive the highest healing and wisdom that you are now ready for, is called forth when you combine these two items on your altar. Their positioning within your altar may need altering depending on your needs during the day. By tweaking your altar to suit your needs you can continue to lift your crystal healing and meditation to new, heightened levels and may assist you to maintain your aura.

Crystals for Grounding

Being able to remain grounded and connected to the physical realm, our bodies and reality is essential for a smoothly tread path. Gemstones used for grounding connect us with the earth to allow all excess energies to be gifted for healing. Tiger Eye, Carnelian and egg shaped gemstones held in each hand during meditation can aid with this, including one on your altar that anchors you in the moment and reminds you to be mindfully aware.

Mobile Altar –

perfect for gifts & travel

Do you like to keep a crystal pouch with you when you are on the move throughout the day or whilst travelling?

Heart of the Bay Travel Altar Pouch contains a large tumbled rose quartz and amethyst, a medium sized tumbled carnelian and a large polished piece of black tourmaline. All gemstones are high quality, Byron Bay infused crystals ready to protect and invite love and adventure.

A traveling altar enables you to conveniently carry your crystals with you in a pocket or bag for easy access throughout the day. Use the pouch to lay your crystals on when you have the time to stop, rejuvenate, breathe and meditate. Taking time out during the day assists us to easily reconnect and affirm our heart centered alignment and reestablish our balance.

Moments can create momentum.

Taking the time to choose the crystals you are ready for and gifting yourself or someone else with a complete travel altar or the addition of a unique focus piece may uplift and shift the energy of the room and it’s occupants. An altar can create a pleasing visual aesthetic and draw or lead a viewer’s eye around the room. Your altar can remind you to celebrate and act consciously, even when times may seem tough or you are moving through change.

Working with crystals when they call to you can lead you forward into new opportunities and the possible magic that you may never have considered imaginable. Sharing the pleasure of your finds with another, can expand your experience as we each observe different details. Bring a friend and drop in and enjoy the crystal energies infused with the synergy of Byron Bay energy at Heart of the Earth, 4/19 Tasman Way, Byron Industrial Estate. View our crystals online and via our socials. We would love to see your altars, tag us into your posts on Instagram and Facebook.

Connect with your crystals and enjoy the ride.

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