Crystals for Christmas

We all want to enjoy our holidays however gatherings at Christmas can cause anxiety for some, tensions can arise when there is a group of people together especially after isolation and possible stresses of the previous year. By including gemstones in displays in a room or as gifts we can invite a stress-less, happy and harmonious Christmas for all.

Incorporating a crystal grid as a centerpiece to anchor positive energies into a room and give back to the earth, embracing the magic of Christmas with the energies of crystals can uplift the vibe of a room whilst providing a pleasing aesthetic. Investing in larger collectors or display piece can provide a focal point for the eyes and conversation, that people are naturally intrigued by and drawn to. People both consciously and unconsciously can benefit from the energetic properties of the crystal.

Crystals for Groups

The energy of a group whether it is a family gathering, community get together or a group of friends is a melting pot of emotions and energies. As a host or contributor to the group, you can assist create a good energy vortex and transmute undesired energies, and manifest a foundation of protected safe, and good energy for everyone to enjoy. By combining crystals like Smoky Quartz to disperse negative energy, Clear Quartz to uplift a room, and Chrysanthemum Stones to ground and calm the energies of those within a room can create a calm and generous space for a harmonious and joyful uniting of friends.

How to choose crystals for a gift

When choosing a gemstone, fossil, or crystal as a gift it is best to ask your intuition to guide you. If you think of the person who you are wishing to give to, visualize their face in your third eye your heart will guide or pull you to the best crystal for them. You may find the crystals start calling to you and naturally drawing you towards them when you think of them. Kids are great at this and the perfect helper for crystal selection as they usually haven’t been burdened by inhibitions.

How to giveback to the Earth with an Earth Healing Crystal Grid

The benefits of Crystal grid work continue to be experienced and become more accepted within many households. Crystal grids are anchors for energy to manifest the intentions for which they are created. Centerpieces on tables are focal points for gatherings in a room and also when we come together around a table during a meal. Why not combine the two? You can also enjoy being a contributor to the added benefit of the energies that are grounded and gifted to the earth for healing.

By creating a crystal grid as your centerpiece on your coffee table or dining table you can anchor the energy that you wish to have channeled into the room and manifest the atmosphere you want. I enjoy foraging in my garden and on walks collecting treasures from nature that I can incorporate into my grids like pine cones, seed pods, and gum nuts. Herbs and spices can also be included like cinnamon sticks. Kids love looking for treasures and creating something that contributes to the celebration and can find pebbles and shells.

Invite High Vibes

Invite high vibes and transmute any negative energy by following our intuition in the design and incorporating crystals like Rose Quartz to bring in unconditional love, Amethyst to transmute undesired energies, and Clear Quartz to amplify the high vibes.

Welcome Holistic Wealth

Welcome holistic wealth on all levels of your life and to those around you and celebrate the good that is and is yet to come by incorporating gemstones of Citrine to call forth abundance on all levels of your life and offer clarity of purpose, Pyrite to invite financial wealth and free flow of positive energy, Yellow Tiger Eye to bring good luck and protection and, Herkimer Diamonds to balance energies with pure light energy.

Allow Joy to Flow

Allow joy to overflow into the room with an uplifting mood that invites love and laughter with a crystal grid combination of Green Fluorite to uplift and ignite the spark of purpose, Carnelian to celebrate creativity and bring the imagination that inspires magic, Aventurine to open everyone’s heart with hope and Selenite to dispel any negative vibes from the area.

Christmas for One

Many are or feel isolated at Christmas, a crystal grid that provides support for yourself or someone who you know is alone this Christmas can provide a gift that gives comfort and shows compassion. A collection of crystals for a grid, altar, or display in a room could include: Rose Quartz for love and healing, Jade for protection and a prosperous and positive heart, Blue Lace Agate for nurturing comfort, and a piece of Sodalite for receiving wisdom. Selenite will uplift and welcome the angels. A Selenite wand is a great central piece within a grid to welcome in that angelic light and the feeling of angel wings that wrap around you and provide the comfort and protection you or your loved one may desire.

Celebrate to renew, refresh & rejuvenate

2020 has been challenging for everyone in some way, shape, or form. Even in the darkest of times, there is hope and the opportunity for growth, compassion, and kindness. New states of normal were set and we all adapted in ways we may have never had imagined twelve months earlier. Whilst these times may have tested us, we have been gifted more days and opportunities to continue to grow and give back. In maintaining our own energies we not only keep our own hearts open and expanding the high vibes and good energy to those around us, we also uplift the spaces we move through, transporting positive change for others. By giving to myself, taking time out for me I create the space to be able to give back and heal the earth and spark the possibility in those around me.

Gifting plants and crystals

In gifting a plant with a crystal this year I hope to give the gift of hope by providing something that will grow and give back to the earth, something to be nurtured with growth that can be measured. By giving a crystal with each plant, I’m providing a tool for transformation that can stay with the plant or be carried or worn by the receiver as a reminder of hope and transformation. The gemstone or fossil is tangible and can be held to assist ground the owner in times of anxiety, doubt, fear, or worry and as a reminder that this too shall pass and that they are not alone because someone cares enough to think of them. By giving gifts of plants combined with crystals there are so many benefits that keep on growing including a plant’s ability to transmute the toxicity within a room and repel EMFs (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies) which exist in work and home environments with electronic devices.

The gift of a plant and crystal is the gift that keeps giving and each combination can be selected to suit it’s receiver and compliment their personality and support their needs.

Enjoy selecting your gifts for yourself or those you care about by dropping by and browsing the crystals, minerals, fossils, and gifts on display at Heart of the Bay in the Byron Bay Industrial Estate. Our gemstones are all infused with Byron Bay healing energy and the high vibrations of the land, they are selected and chosen from ethically sourced suppliers, many of who are locally situated. By shopping locally, you are giving back to your local community. We offer free parking and entry into the warehouse where our diverse range is showcased and easy to walk around. If you are unable to visit us in Byron Bay, we can send you your unique, high-quality crystals via post. You can contact us via phone and we will assist in your selection or browse the Facebook shop from the comfort of home or our website. Shop now and gift yourself and someone else with a crystal and plant whilst giving back to the earth or select your crystals for an earth healing grid.

Connect with the crystals that are calling to you and,

enjoy the ride.

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