Byron Bay – the travel life

Whether you are dreaming of travel, in the midst of an adventure or reminiscing about the places you’ve been, Byron Bay has been a location that has been attracting a transient tribe to it’s shores for centuries. Renown for it’s high vibe energy and healing frequencies created from the vortex of ley lines or song lines the area becomes home to many visitors who were initially just passing through. The energy of Australia’s most Easterly point has beckoned those with wanderlust, those looking for ascension and healing, and lovers of nature, into the green cauldron of dense flora and fauna from the ancient volcano.

Situated in the Northern Rivers of NSW, Byron Bay and it’s surrounds is a meeting place of waters, where the rivers unite with the ocean. In these areas the natural landscape creates thin energetic veils near the waters edge, ideal for communication with the higher realms and spirits of the earth. Tribes of country visited the area to gather and collaborate with other tribal communities, today Byron Bay is the meeting and melting pot of the global tribe. Whatever the reason for your visit, you will be greeted with the welcome sign to, “Slow down and chill out,” a sentiment many of us are either searching for, or embracing in the present times.

Byron Bay is governed and embraced by the seasons, tides and moons. Many visiting choose to reconnect with nature and “Byron time” as they slow down and embrace a slower rhythm and flowing cycle. It’s in the letting go, that many find themselves, their true purpose and the path they have been searching for. Sprawling beneath the diverse natural environments of the shire, is a layer of obsidian crystal, an organic transmuter of negative energy. The energetic properties of this layer of crystal radiates throughout the land above to the people connecting and living within the region. Black obsidian invites balance, grounds and simultaneously uplifts you through self awareness and healing, another ingredient that invites those looking for change and a holistic lifestyle.

Tiny Living for a Huge Life

Traveling and living large and consciously leaving a small or non existent footprint for many, means embracing a simple and minimalist lifestyle. The nomadic life invited through the space conscious tiny homes and van life in Byron Bay can be traced back to the kombies notoriously coupled with the carefree hippie lifestyle. Living from a backpack, or being space conscious creates a need for convenience, where multi purpose items are highly valued, this is especially true when selecting your crystals and gemstones to travel with you.

Crystals for the Transient & Nomadic Lifestyle

Whether your dashboard is your altar or you carry your crystals in a pouch, or wear them for their versatility as decoration and their healing properties, selecting the crystals that can support you through growth, transitions of change, all whilst assisting you to maintain alignment and flow when following your passion and purpose, is important and essential.

Crystals healers may keep a specific layout to attune to chakras in a pouch for travel, or you may use a travelers kit including a protector like Amethyst or Jade, a transmuter like Black Obsidian or Smoky Quartz, a healer like Rose Quartz, an amplifier like Clear Quartz and individual crystals associated with properties to support your purpose or passion like Herkimer Diamonds or a specific crystal that is calling for you to work with it.


If you are working with a particular crystal for your inner journey while you are walking through your travel adventure you may choose to keep it in a pouch or wrapped in a scarf for safe keeping when not in use. The benefit of traveling with a crystal is that as you slow down and detach from the “busy” life, you will become aware of the the crystal revealing and opening more to you as you align with it’s energies. When you align and are in flow, you will receive the maximum healing, wisdom and energy that you are ready for.

When in transit, nature, the changing scenery and the moment can invite an impromptu meditation session with your crystal, a session for clarity with crystal runes or insight with a crystal sphere. When you set up your energy vortex to open for vibrational frequency exchange, protect yourself by carrying a mobile altar with you. Four crystals are ideal to surround yourself and welcome the protective energies of the directions, or utlise them as an altar to bring your focus and awareness, combined with your intention and anchor them into this realm. A mobile altar of crystals carried in a pouch allows you the opportunity to use the pouch as a base for your altar to maintain centered energy. You may choose a prepackaged travel altar pouch or create one of your own desired gemstones, fossils and crystals.

Crystals for Travel

Multi purpose crystals that can adapt to your needs whilst traveling are essential, Clear Quartz as a Master crystal, amplifier and the ultimate adapter is the quintessential crystal. If you are only choosing one, let it be Clear Quartz.

If you have the room for a few more you may wish to choose a combination of some of the following gemstones:

Amethyst is a transmuter, protector and healer, it supports you to raise your consciousness to new levels. Black Obsidian absorbs and transmutes negative energy, balances, uplifts and initiates self healing as well as protecting and shielding it’s owner. Blue Calcite supports clear communication, invites angelic healing, soothes, calms and aligns the owner to truth. Yellow Tiger Eye is a protector and balancer, it gives strength to follow our purpose and step forward with confidence on new paths. Snowflake Obsidian is a protector and uplifts your spirit, connects you with your higher guides, transmutes undesired energies and grounds yourself into the earth. Black Tourmaline absorbs undesired energies, invites a higher conscious flow and provides insight and new perspectives on all levels. Citrine invites clarity, holistic health, wealth, balance and a higher consciousness whilst offering protection. Carnelian ensures your creative juices are flowing and inspires imagination, passion and purpose. Malachite invites transformation through heart centered awareness, clears, transmutes and heals with intention and purpose. Turquoise protects you whilst inviting peace, healing and prosperity, ignites your self-awareness and enhances your immunity on all levels energetically.

Moonstone is the travelers gemstone a protector, path clearer and healer, it connects you on the path you are destined to travel by inviting new beginnings whilst supporting you with inner strength.

Crystals for Passion, Pathway & Purpose

When you are bitten by wanderlust or the travel bug, you begin an adventure of discovery, both within and out. A journey of discovery of self, connection with nature, community and expansion of identity and understanding may unfold if you allow it. The combination of the following crystals can support you to open and receive the experience you desire:

Clear Quartz to amplify your energies and attract only the highest light and love energy towards you and your experience. Lapis Lazuli to remind you of your worth and keep you aligned to your true path and communicating with your higher-self to ensure you walk your purpose. Labradorite to uplift your frequency and connect you with your higher guides for clear direction towards your purpose. Aquamarine supports you to gain clarity whilst connecting the heart and mind so you can walk and speak your truth calmly and confidently. Chrysocolla stimulates connection with your intuition when you need to adapt and change it is an astute guide. Rutilated Quartz assists you to let go of the past and embrace new energetic and spiritual growth, it is a transmuter and protector on all levels, feel energised with new found clarity of purpose.

Jade supports us on our lifelong adventures by inviting prosperity, wealth, health and harmony. Jade is a protector and healer, it connects our hearts in alignment with the Earth to ground us and the universe’s heart center to guide us on our pathway ahead whilst transmuting what we need to leave behind. Jade is the ultimate gemstone of balance and harmony which provides us with the confidence to believe in ourselves, our worth and to accept and accomplish the challenges we are faced with.

Investing in Experience

Choosing to invest in yourself through experience, quality and with the recognition of living your best life by practicing the attitude of gratitude is the realisation of your true worth. Choosing to support yourself and your journey so that your travels flow in alignment with your divine purpose allows you to live your life on your terms following your passion. Drop by whilst you are in Byron Bay or we can send you your Byron Bay energy infused crystals to your door.

Connect with the crystals that are calling to you and,

enjoy the ride.

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