Invite Joy & Happiness into your Life with Crystals

Increase the smiles and laughter in your life by inviting more joy and happiness into each moment with crystals. Use these crystals and crystal grids to uplift yourself and others with good vibes by ...

Uplift your mood & spirit and feel good with Byron Bay crystals Heart of the Bay Byron Bay

Top 12 crystals to uplift your mood

Would you like to uplift your mood? Do you want to feel good and radiate good vibes? Enjoy these top twelve crystals to raise your mood.

Create a Crystal Grid

Have you ever created a crystal grid or wondered how to use one, or what one is? Amplify your energy and intentions for healing and holding space with this simple how to guide. #Crystalgrid #Crystalgrids #Crystalgridwork #CrystalHealing #ByronBay

River Crystals

Would you like life to flow more? Are you ready to let go of the past and move forward with momentum? Embracing the energy of the river and river gems so you can go with the flow by...

Energy Infusion – Byron Bay Crystals

Byron Bay has a long association as a gathering place regonised for it's energetic meeting point of the song lines and the ...